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No Name for This

Whoo. What a day!

Before today, all meetings put me to sleep. If I was actually involved I would likely stay awake longer, but eventually I would nod right out. If no one was sitting beside me, I’d lie down on the empty chairs.

Today, the House Committee On Whatever’s grilling of Mark Zuckerberg was absolutely riveting. I wish I had taken notes. But, as I did not, I can fall back on only my faulty brain to reconstruct my sensual memory of the event.

Zuckerberg conducted himself correctly. He spoke the truth in simple language so that even Congressmen could understand what he said. Many of his inquisitors had serious concerns.

There were fewer Democrats who found fault with his vision than there were Republicans who endorsed it. All in all, a healing moment for America.

Earlier in the day, apparently, John Boehner announced his position on marijuana had “evolved” and he had taken a position on the advisory board of Acreage Holdings, a “cannabis corporation” operating nationwide.

“I’m convinced de-scheduling the drug is required so we can do research, help our veterans, and reverse the opioid epidemic,” said Boehner. De-scheduling means ‘legalizing’. None of this ‘medical’ crap, no need to specify ‘recreational’. I know “amazing” is just another buzzword now, like “awesome”. applied to whatever mundane event or object currently being plugged. So I am constrained. I will not characterize.

My immediate impulse is to insert a cynical “Oh yeah?” in this blank pause, and I would, if I was hip enough to name a possible “ulterior motive” or deranged enough by paranoia to invent one. It’s this very silence within me that I fear will prove to be the “reason” I will never write the gripping crime novel I know I have within me. It saddens me that I cannot trump up a plausible scenario in which the ex-Speaker of the House almost subverts the American democracy. But, you know, the night is young. I will gnaw on this bone the rest of the evening. Perhaps, when tomorrow dawns,  I shall have a grittier tale to tell. Who knows? If so, maybe I’ll lay it on you.

Zuckerberg said numerous times today that the author of anything posted on FaceBook retains ownership of that post, or at least co-ownership with anyone who “shared” it. This is somewhat different from other statements I have heard about postings, claiming that anything anyone posted on FB became the property of FB.

Ah. Here perhaps is the Revelatory Detail. Early in the afternoon Boehner’s successor as Speaker, Paul Ryan, announced his retirement at the end of this term. Speculation on his choice centered on expectation that t.Rump’s behavior had revolted the voting public and there would be a Democratic tsunami in the mid-term elections.

The opposition is always seen as the odds-on favorite at the beginning of the mid-term campaign. After all, they haven’t been fucking up in the pilot’s chair. And this incumbent incompetent actually has a diagnosis, “malignant narcissist”. That burden didn’t disqualify others from the Presidency, though.

T.Rump has been likened to Andrew Jackson, a cruel racist. Such personalities are out of fashion now. Maybe that was one of the counts against Jackson in his term, too, though racism wasn’t the topic and the President’s cruelty wasn’t mentioned. His opponents focused on his bride’s lack of a tangible divorce decree from her first husband, whom she had lived with in the backwoods of rural Mississippi in the late 1700s. She probably didn’t have one. The opposition newspapers hounded her to death.

The fundament of Jackson’s popularity was his military success against the Creek Indians in 1814 in Alabama, and the British in 1815, in New Orleans. I mention this in recognition of today’s capping event, the brouhaha regarding Syria’s President Assad’s poison gas attack on his own people, which actually happened over the weekend. It seems Russia, after issuing assurances they would prevent Syria from attacking with gas, was complicit in the attack. T.Rump, currently under investigation for collusion with the Russians in an attack on the 2016 election process, tweeted “Syria”, in his entertaining, irresponsible manner, that missiles “will be coming, nice and new”, with a jovial note to “Russia” not to partner with a “Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!”

So today, missile cruisers stand off the Lebanese coast. Somebody, I think a tweeter quoted on C-Span, suggested that the first missiles be targeted on Assad’s house, “so that he’d know what his people felt like when they came home after a hard day.”

A missile strike resulting in discomfort for Assad, if not his death, is not out of the question.

The braying jackass could conceivably come out of this ahead. It might even take the edge off his asininity.

Sorry. Got carried away again.