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He’s No Caligula …

So here we are again. Democracy is in the wringer, so some asshole sweeps in with
The Solution. Declare an Emergency, Save The Nation!
The Roman Republic, the Weimar Republic, the Czech Republic.
Now, the American Democracy, done by the Leader of the Republican Party. He’s a fascist. “Republican” is a brand name,

Democracy is inefficient. It takes time talk to everybody and hear what they have to say.
Democracy is undramatic. Compromise happens behind doors.
Democracy, being political, isn’t loving. Politics is polite warfare.
– A word, here, about compromise. This is a political practice, not a moral one. The democratic process is political and is meant to create decisions among people of different moralities. The object is to moderate among populations where everyone is free to have their own principles and no one has the license to impose their principles on anyone else. If you want a life of love, become a Buddhist monk.