And Another Thing …

It’s Sunday. All the Senators have gone somewhere else – home, Iowa, maybe even New Hampshire, those with foresight.

Meanwhile, I’d like to bring up something bucolic. After all, the next time it’s Sunday, it’ll be Groundhog Day, and if the fat rodent’s been watching the same things I have, he won’t be able to stand up, much less focus his eyes on his shadow, till after the Super Bowl.

Here’s a pre-vernal thought, then, for post-impeachment America.

Access to water must be secured. It will soon be a fundamental infrastructure responsibility of government like maintaining roads and, for that matter, preserving undeveloped land.
The Salton Sea was created by accident in 1905, when water from the Colorado river spilled out of a poorly-constructed California Development Company irrigation system into a desert basin. The lake grew over the next two years, until workers were able to staunch the massive flow.
Resort towns grew around the lake, surrounded by farms. By the Sixties it was famous. Middleclass and elite festivities abounded. The farms prospered.
It’s dead, now. Its beaches are made, not of sand, but of the bones of innumerable fish. Farm fields are once again desert.
The lake, simply, was poisoned by the chemical runoff from the fertilized fields.
Once this kind of stuff was exceedingly rare.
Next time you look at Asia, follow a path due east of the northern end of the Caspian Sea. There used to be a roughly circular body of water there. The Aral Sea was deleted from the Earth by a Soviet attempt to irrigate a small quadrant of Kazakhstan.
Once, common sense was common.

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