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tRump’s last term

I’ve been thinking …
By now, most of those weasel Senators have admitted to themselves that tRump committed impeachable offenses. Most of the country can’t talk themelves out of that knowledge, Considering the fact that he did it in full view, that recordings of his voice sayiing “I want you to do me a favor” to the President of the Ukraine were broadcast repeatedly and that act, the solicitation of internal American political intrigue from a foreign national, is impeachable, and the President cannot be allowed to get away with it, this shouldn’t be surpprising. Equally, it shouldn’t be surprising that tRump will be resoundingly defeated if he runs for re-election. His brand of black comedy has run its course. Time to restore sense – at least, some modicum of sense – to the political process.
After his Senate “trial” failed to convince anyone that It Would Be Alright to just gloss this disgraceful episode (i.e.,the tRump ;era) over, that some remedy was needed, McConnell kept insisting the remedy did not lie in “negating the vote of the People” through removing The “President” from office via Constitutional process, that he had to be defeated at the polls. And so that remedy will be applied..
There’s been plenty of revisions to the electoral process since the nation’s founding. In 1789 when the Consitution was ratified and George Washington was elected President, the electorate consisted of men who owned their own homes. Over the intervening centuries, the voter’s rolls have expanded to include renters, women, and now (there’s a movement to enfranchise) prisoners. tRump was famously not elected by The People but by the Electoral College. Why is that relic still in place?
Where did it come from, anyway?
Curiously, it was the inspiration of the creators of the Constitution. Men of the Age of Enlightenment, they distrusted Democracy. In their view, it favored mob rule. In defense of their attitude, 1789 was the year of the storming of the Bastille by a mob who went on to install a Reign of Terror leading eventually to Napoleon. They were worried that majority rule could lead to the installation of some charismatic narcissist who would become dictator. Their remedy embedded politics at the absolute root of our form of government in an unusual prominence. As a result, politics has flourished in this country like in no other, and has been celebrated with torchlight parades and bands marching through conventions and small towns ever since. It is the ongoing festival of our place in history.
Like many recreational devices, though, it can be toxic. Planning and utilizing politics displaces other strategic concepts and efforts that could be much more fruitful. Instead of subsidizing the oil industry, could tax reliefs result in lots of charging stations enabling lots of electric vehicles reaching the roads years earlier that they might?
And another thing.
Last week there was a palpable thought racing around that nothing could be called an “impeachable offense” unless it was a crime. Firsr of all, didn’t the DOJ come to the conclusion that a President was immune from prosecution for criminl offenses? (I need to see that decision on paper, by the way. What could possibly bring an American lawyer to that conclusion? Nothing in American political philosophy includes this concept.)
Beyond that, the Constitution defines an “impeachable offense”, doesn’t it? “Major crimes and misdemeanors”, it says. So: what book lists the “major crimes”? Is it the sme one that ennumerates the “major misdemeanors”?
The point is, you can’t imagine what some asshole-in-charge will come up with sometime in the future. That’s why it doesn’t say, “parking in the Chief Justice’s Space”, or “using the wrong gender restroom” or an other statutory offense. A “major misdemeanor” is an inappropriate demeanor, like telling the Chief Justice, “I can shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and get away with it”, or actually mooning the Queen. Or shitting on the Bill of Rights. Really, really bad demeanor. You know?
What made tRump think he could ask the President of a newborn democracy, a distinguished member of the international community who had just triumphantly concluded an election campaign based on a platform of reform in a notoriously corrupt nation, publicly, to provide him with mud with which to smear his political opponent with the approval of the American people, other than an overestimation of his own native charm? I think it was his desire to link his name and fate with Bill Clinton, the only other impeached President in the last hundred years. Clinton’s impeachable act, as was exhaustively pointed out during The Procedings, was not his Overt Act (that is, cumming on his intern’s dress) but his Subvert Act, lying to Congress about cumming on the fucking dress, that is, claiming her jerking him off was not a “sex act”. He wanted to be dead certain he could not be accused of lying to anybody about his behavior concerning President Zelensky. Cause, see, he didn’t want to be impeached. That’s the kind of fuckwit we elected.
Goddam right we should be embarrassed.
We let this government descend into such a bucket of politics that Hilary Clinton’s official conduct was considered “Normal”, that Nancy Pelosi and Mich McConnell were re- and re- and re-elected despite their corrupt ‘demeanors’.
Jes thinkin.


Sunday; Woolgathering

The Senators took Sunday to retreat to their districts or Iowa, whichever would vote on their asses first. I watched Tennis from Australia, contemplated my navel and, as the other end of an axis, the Galaxy.
My attention was drawn to an article from Sky News about Prince Charles’ visit to Palestinian districts in Israel.
Prince Charles has said it is his “dearest wish” that Palestinians see “freedom, justice and equality” in the future.
Speaking during his historic first visit to the Occupied Palestinian Territories, the royal said there should be an end to the “suffering and division” in Bethlehem.
That’s a very British “wish.” It created North Ireland and the rest of Ireland, and Pakistan and India, not to mention Israel vs. the rest of the Middle East. If he could come up with a basis for dialog (meaning maybe a bank or two that would actually encourage economic success on both sides of the cultural divide) he could do some actual, humanistic good.
Recently I saw a kid’s animated TV show in which two populations were eternally at war with each other.
There was a moment, thinking about it.
“Because we hate each other?”
Hate doesn’t occur to babies. It has to be taught, carefully. There’s so many advantages to cross-cultural acceptance (starting with ethnic restaurants) that you’ve got to wonder what benefits there could possibly be to hatred. And, to whom.
Banks can find profit in conflict, both in causing destruction and in re-construction. No doubt that deaths will accompany the destruction. These deaths raise political problems for the banks. Some of those problems are deflected by hiding the banks’ involvement with the destruction.
Who’s in a better position to take those banks out of the destruction business than the Prince of Wales?


And Another Thing …

It’s Sunday. All the Senators have gone somewhere else – home, Iowa, maybe even New Hampshire, those with foresight.

Meanwhile, I’d like to bring up something bucolic. After all, the next time it’s Sunday, it’ll be Groundhog Day, and if the fat rodent’s been watching the same things I have, he won’t be able to stand up, much less focus his eyes on his shadow, till after the Super Bowl.

Here’s a pre-vernal thought, then, for post-impeachment America.

Access to water must be secured. It will soon be a fundamental infrastructure responsibility of government like maintaining roads and, for that matter, preserving undeveloped land.
The Salton Sea was created by accident in 1905, when water from the Colorado river spilled out of a poorly-constructed California Development Company irrigation system into a desert basin. The lake grew over the next two years, until workers were able to staunch the massive flow.
Resort towns grew around the lake, surrounded by farms. By the Sixties it was famous. Middleclass and elite festivities abounded. The farms prospered.
It’s dead, now. Its beaches are made, not of sand, but of the bones of innumerable fish. Farm fields are once again desert.
The lake, simply, was poisoned by the chemical runoff from the fertilized fields.
Once this kind of stuff was exceedingly rare.
Next time you look at Asia, follow a path due east of the northern end of the Caspian Sea. There used to be a roughly circular body of water there. The Aral Sea was deleted from the Earth by a Soviet attempt to irrigate a small quadrant of Kazakhstan.
Once, common sense was common.


A Pimp for All Seasons

If he’d pimped out his wife he’d be gone by now. Instead, he violated his oath of office. Shit. What’s an oath?


Impeach tRump: Day 1

Dear God, please be there.
Whoever, wherever you are, please manifest yourself. Make yourself known, take over the US Senate, guide it in the paths of rightousness.
I am small and afraid. Government, so overpowering before citizens, is so very fragile at its foundation. A construct, it nonetheless lives, can be injured, can die.
Alive, government has a spirit-life, which must be maintained with nourishment. Life has been demonstrated to thrive solely through consumption of entities embodying life-spirit of a different nature from its own. Cannibalism must be reserved as a garnish, a seasoning, a chutney rather than a side-dish. Same as corn curls or peanut brittle it is something that gives flavor to life. It’s a flavor that frankly scares the shit out of me. I don’t recmmend anybody indulge in it. Instead, in our culture, it must be reserved for use by those whose lives are being extinguished in snowdriven abandonment …
Jesus. How did I get herded into that canyon??? Nobody I know wants to eat tRump. Strand him in a blizzard, maybe. Beat him unconscious with icy snowballs …tempting, but not even that.
Like the man says, let the evidence be presented to the Senate. Let it speak to the Senators. In fact, let it alone talk to them and let them hear it without prejudice.
Once again, I’ll quote Peter O’Toole:
“When did I decide I was God? I was praying, and I realized I was talking to myself.”
Maybe God is, in fact, a blue elephant-shaped female with a dozen arms. Personally, I believe God resides within each of us.
Righteousness thrives on honest consideration of facts of history. There is no objective history, If you don’t know that, you haven’t read enough history, History can however be honestly considered. That’s what’s necessary now.
Our government was created by men of high but not superhuman intelligence. They were practically unique in their world in their inclusion of viewpoint and ability to account for further inclusion. They built a government that has outlived (I think) all governments (other than the British) in existence then or founded since (I’m asking: could this be true?). Largely this was through minimalized corruption and limits on arbitrary use of power.
I appeal to that spirit of righteousness, part of the spirit that runs through all life, to guide our Senate in this crucial time.