Hatred and Rush Limbaugh

Let’s look at Rush again. Unfortunately, he’s still visible.

Whenever I think of him, I think of Sandra Fluke, and I think to myself, “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size. Go down to Lakehurst and yell at the grease spot.” It doesn’t clear things up.

He’s still on the air, still selling hate, inflammatory lies and stench.

Rush knows, like the rest of us, that a Certain Segment of the Population Hates certain aspects of the abortion of human fetuses. Not all of it. This hatred doesn’t extend to the killing of human adults or any member of the animal kingdom. These folks can be said to “believe that God wants humanity not to abort human fetuses.”

Another Segment of the Population Hates being told what to believe.

Issues like abortion, racism, drug use and sexuality aren’t addressed rationally, much less satisfactorily, in Western culture. Centuries of prejudice and overlapping taboos have far greater status than empirical lab rsults and logic.

Rush recognizes that these ideas, streams of thought and emotion, follow deep faults in human society, cracks that extend all the way down through the bedrock of our culture. Like creeks that cross highways, they can’t be just paved over, or diverted; they won’t dry up or disappear. They can only be acknowledged. Allowance must be made for them.

Rush lives in these cracks. Like a torturer, he sticks his fingers in the gaps and wiggles them around. We all squirm. Thing is, some of us also get off on it. God knows why. It’s textbook perversion.

Civilization has long had use for perverts and neurotics. Obsessive-compulsives can find full employment as bank examiners and IRS agents, and are sought out as health and safety inspectors; anal retentives make exceptional bookkeepers and accountants and, if they can draw, cartoon animators. There are some neuroses, however, that need curtailment if they are to be used productively in society. Sadists, for example, They make geat meter maids, Do not give them guns, or ever accept them into medical or law schools. And never, ever, let them near broadcasting equipment.

In this case, incidentally, Nature provides a platform for balance. All sadists are also masochists. At some level, they really enjoy being restrained. Some even thrill at being beaten into Submission! Keep that in mind, whenever you are threatened.

But enough about Rush. My problems with him actually begin and end with me.

At some point about twenty years ago, through methods I don’t totally remember, I found myself free from hatred. I know it took a great deal of forgiveness, and some TwelveStep kind of stuff – going around, apologizing to people for stuff I remembered and they mostly did not – which sometimes got agonizingly embarrassing and, once or twice, even dangerous when people took swings at me (fortunately, Big Rudolph, whose fist was nore than half the size of my head, got stuck and couldn’t get out of his wheelchair before I made it to the corner).

It was an arduous procedure. I suspect I don’t remember the entire sequence because there were segments of it too painful to recall, or simply too ugly. Most of my life, before that transition, I’d fluctuated between postures of Total Arrogance and Complete Pussiness. I was “on” all the time. I’d tried to be “likable”, “charming”, “articulate”, “insightful” but not too hard to just be “myself”, so I wasn’t any of those things. By luck, I encountered a teacher who pointed out that real people are not interesting; rather, they are interested.

From that point on, I worked on finding, in whatever was going on, that part that fascinated me, or at least wasn’t absolutely transparent. I lived that way for years. I felt relaxed and alert. I welcomed most of my life, any way it came. If I didn’t like it, I did what I could to feel better about myself; and if I couldn’t do anything, I left.

Rush’s routine brings up the hate in me, and I don’t like it. I don’t like hating, not even hating Rush. It doesn’t do anything, and it makes me feel bad.

Worse, Rush is living off hatred, mine and everybody else’s. His bullshit doesn’t do anything, either. He appears to “explain” how things work, but he’s really only stating speculations, spinning them to make Republicans look good. Repression, supression, The Lord’s Work always can be twisted to look like “necessary evils”. Well, repression isn’t necessary, folks. It just makes you feel righteous, and bad.

Rush’s rap exploits our hatred. Strumming those ancient taboos and prejudices plays a surly and sad tune. I know I can stop it in me, and I know that’s the best use I can put Rush to.

Whew. I’m breathing better already.

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