Impeach tRump: Day 1

Dear God, please be there.
Whoever, wherever you are, please manifest yourself. Make yourself known, take over the US Senate, guide it in the paths of rightousness.
I am small and afraid. Government, so overpowering before citizens, is so very fragile at its foundation. A construct, it nonetheless lives, can be injured, can die.
Alive, government has a spirit-life, which must be maintained with nourishment. Life has been demonstrated to thrive solely through consumption of entities embodying life-spirit of a different nature from its own. Cannibalism must be reserved as a garnish, a seasoning, a chutney rather than a side-dish. Same as corn curls or peanut brittle it is something that gives flavor to life. It’s a flavor that frankly scares the shit out of me. I don’t recmmend anybody indulge in it. Instead, in our culture, it must be reserved for use by those whose lives are being extinguished in snowdriven abandonment …
Jesus. How did I get herded into that canyon??? Nobody I know wants to eat tRump. Strand him in a blizzard, maybe. Beat him unconscious with icy snowballs …tempting, but not even that.
Like the man says, let the evidence be presented to the Senate. Let it speak to the Senators. In fact, let it alone talk to them and let them hear it without prejudice.
Once again, I’ll quote Peter O’Toole:
“When did I decide I was God? I was praying, and I realized I was talking to myself.”
Maybe God is, in fact, a blue elephant-shaped female with a dozen arms. Personally, I believe God resides within each of us.
Righteousness thrives on honest consideration of facts of history. There is no objective history, If you don’t know that, you haven’t read enough history, History can however be honestly considered. That’s what’s necessary now.
Our government was created by men of high but not superhuman intelligence. They were practically unique in their world in their inclusion of viewpoint and ability to account for further inclusion. They built a government that has outlived (I think) all governments (other than the British) in existence then or founded since (I’m asking: could this be true?). Largely this was through minimalized corruption and limits on arbitrary use of power.
I appeal to that spirit of righteousness, part of the spirit that runs through all life, to guide our Senate in this crucial time.

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