My FaceBook Banishment

This was written sometime in early December, 2019. I posted it on my page, so as to not lose it, and then sent it to every one on my “friend” list I could remember. The list itself of course was lost, as recounted below. The list wasn’t more than seventy or so people. I think I remembered about forty. I think twenty-five or so have responded by now. As I think of people, I continue to request friendship of them. My blog, though, is about to change. Stay tuned.

This is not a scam.
Facebook banned me around the end of November 2019, accusing me of abuse and other forms of moral torpitude. Maybe I was hacked. Maybe I was the victim of an interstellar conspiracy, but I couldn’t contact Facebook to find out anything about it so we’ll never know. To me, this is nothing but crazy bullshit. Doubtless, something went down and there was some purpose behind it, but that’s all I’ll ever know. After trying five or six approaches I gave up and started over as Paul Hugh Freedman. When I tried to open my old “Paul Freedman” thingy, it opened. But my entire”friend” roster has been wiped out. I sent everyone I could remember a new request. As time passes and I remember the others, I’ll send requests to them, too. I had of course posted this on my FB page, but it’s been deleted. I think FB now deletes stuff after some time – deletes it from public access. They keep it somewhere, though. They can always retrieve it. Just you can’t.
I’m going to get a beer.

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