Sunday; Woolgathering

The Senators took Sunday to retreat to their districts or Iowa, whichever would vote on their asses first. I watched Tennis from Australia, contemplated my navel and, as the other end of an axis, the Galaxy.
My attention was drawn to an article from Sky News about Prince Charles’ visit to Palestinian districts in Israel.
Prince Charles has said it is his “dearest wish” that Palestinians see “freedom, justice and equality” in the future.
Speaking during his historic first visit to the Occupied Palestinian Territories, the royal said there should be an end to the “suffering and division” in Bethlehem.
That’s a very British “wish.” It created North Ireland and the rest of Ireland, and Pakistan and India, not to mention Israel vs. the rest of the Middle East. If he could come up with a basis for dialog (meaning maybe a bank or two that would actually encourage economic success on both sides of the cultural divide) he could do some actual, humanistic good.
Recently I saw a kid’s animated TV show in which two populations were eternally at war with each other.
There was a moment, thinking about it.
“Because we hate each other?”
Hate doesn’t occur to babies. It has to be taught, carefully. There’s so many advantages to cross-cultural acceptance (starting with ethnic restaurants) that you’ve got to wonder what benefits there could possibly be to hatred. And, to whom.
Banks can find profit in conflict, both in causing destruction and in re-construction. No doubt that deaths will accompany the destruction. These deaths raise political problems for the banks. Some of those problems are deflected by hiding the banks’ involvement with the destruction.
Who’s in a better position to take those banks out of the destruction business than the Prince of Wales?

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