T. Rump and the Boy Scouts

I read the first two hundred or so words of the speech, I suppose out of due diligence. It was the same speech he always gives. Nothing but braggadocio, and disrespect for anything that isn’t him.

I was a Boy Scout. I went to a National Jamboree. We were addressed by somebody. I don’t remember being profoudly bored at the Jamboree, so I probably didn’t go to be addressed.

Of course I believed America was the best place to be. Foreign Scouts came to our Jamborees. I ate at foreigner’s fires, they ate at ours. We traded
patches. Theirs were flimsy, ours weren’t. They really prised ours.

But enough about me. And the Boy Scouts. And T. Rump, for that matter. While this ballyhoo’s been going on, what’s Paul Ryan been doing?

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